Next Xbox Monthly Presentation Might be During Week of July 20


Possible leaks and sources “with knowledge of Microsoft’s plans” have claimed Microsoft’s next Xbox presentation will occur the week of July 20th.

The news comes via Venture Beat journalist Jeff Grubb. When sharing a list of upcoming gaming events, one of them include a listing for “July (week of 20th) – Xbox Game Studios reveal.” 

While Xbox had announced monthly presentations, no presentation for the week of July 20th has been announced as of this time of writing. During the presentation on May 7th, it was revealed that the presentation in July would focus on first-party Xbox Game Studios titles, and the first Halo Infinite gameplay.

Video Games Chronicle (VGC) also reports that they have corroborated the claim with their own sources. They also report that “people with knowledge of Microsoft’s plans” stated that there will be third-party publisher titles featured as well.

We will also reportedly see the first project by The Initiative; a studio formed in 2018 made of former Tomb Raider (2013 to 2018), God of War (2018) and Uncharted developers.

The last presentation was on May 7th. Due to ongoing complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and the riots and protests after the death of George Floyd, plans to host this event at the beginning of each month may have changed.

We will keep you informed as we learn more.

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