Medic: Pacific Corpsman Announced For Windows PC, Launches 2021

Medic: Pacific Corpsman

Game Operators have announced Medic: Pacific Corpsman, a first-person medic sim by Hypnotic Ants.

As stated in the press release (via Games Press), the game is set during the Pacific Theater of WWII, players take on the role of a US Navy corpsman. Players will have to maneuver their way around the battlefield to patch up wounded Marines and, if need be, carry them back to a field hospital for more specialized care.

The game will also have a pre-battle planning element, requiring players to decide what supplies take priority as they pack their medical kits.

You can find the announcement trailer below.

You can find a rundown of the game (via Steam) below:

What Is Medic: Pacific Corpsman?
In Medic: Pacific Corpsman you are playing as an American field medic, also known as a corpsman, serving in the US Military during the Pacific War. It is your job to save your fallen brothers in arms from a certain death… or at least what remains of them.

Unique Take On the War
Become a part of a war story full of bravery, sacrifice, and determination – all soaked in soldier’s blood. In this game, you are not a killer. Instead, you rescue your companions in the middle of the battleground. The HQ tasked you with locating the wounded, patching them up and carry them on your back if needed. Thanks to you they’ll be able to return to their families, but before that – right back to the combat zone! Your actions not only save lives – they can change the outcome of the entire operation! Every soldier counts! Every life matters!

Adapt to the Battlefield
The environment in which you operate is constantly changing. You need to act fast and be cautious all the time – the enemy is all around! Avoid the opponents, hide from the bombshells, and dodge the bullets. Be on the move! Survive and help others survive!

Be Resourceful
In the middle of the war, the resources are scarce. You have to rely on your careful planning and intuition to bring help to those who need it. You choose your methods and how you distribute available supplies. Think before you act!

Decide Who to Save
The sad fact is – you are one, they are many. You cannot save every single soldier begging for your help. You will have to make choices. Assess the injuries, determine the rank of the wounded, and have a final word – in the time of need you are the lord of life and death!

Experience the Unthinkable
Witness the horrors of war with your own eyes. Hear your brothers screaming in agony. Watch the gore covering the ground. Feel the pain of those knowing they will never see their close ones again. This is your reality. This is what you do. You are a true hero.

Medic: Pacific Corpsman launches 2021 for Windows PC via Steam.

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