Death Come True Launches Worldwide June 25

Death Come True

Izanagi Games have announced the worldwide release date for FMV murder-mystery Death Come True. 

As previously reported, the game follows Makoto Karaki. After waking up in a hotel room with no memory, he discovers a tied up and fainted woman in his room, along with a new report on the TV saying he is a serial killer.

Alongside members of the Special Investigation Division, Kataki attempts to uncover the mystery around himself, the hotel, the bizarre guests and staff, and the “monster” relentlessly pursuing him. When Karaki dies, he keeps the full memory of his death when the player starts again.

Now, the game’s release date has been announced [1, 2]. The release date appears to be worldwide, with the news post and video supporting English.

The trailer announcing the release date is hosted by one of the game’s characters, Kenichi Mino (played by Jiro Sato), a newscaster and evening TV show host who seems fascinated by the hotel’s tea room.

You can find the release date announcement below

For those curious, the Japanese price of ¥1,960 JPY is roughly $17.58 USD as of this time of writing.

Death Come True launches June 25th for Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS.

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