Shikon-X Astro Defense Fortress to Feature in Steam Game Festival

The indie game Shikon-X Astro Defense Fortress is due to feature in the upcoming Steam Game Festival beginning June 9th.

Shikon-X Astro Defense Fortress is a hybrid bullet hell and adventure game taking place in deep space. According to a recent press release (via Games Press), it will be one of the games featured in the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition.

In addition to being featured by Steam, a demo of Shikon-X Astro Defense Fortress will be available to play beginning June 9th.

You can watch the official trailer via YouTube below.

You can read the full rundown (via Steam) below.

Shikon-X Astro Defense Fortress is a mix between a graphic adventure game and all the classic arcade shoot ’em ups you love from the 80s and 90s.
You play as Major Daaia, the only pilot in the federation who can handle Shikon-X —a ship with advanced defense capabilities which can also transform into attack mode when needed!

Earth scientists have mastered the secrets of space energy gathering, and collected vast amounts of energy into what they call “Life Capsules” that form floating clusters orbiting the planet.

The world has been at peace for decades, but a small guerrilla from planet Rolar has been destroying our Life Capsules, and your mission is to defend our energy source from those terrorists!

Shikon-X‘s story unfolds in different ways. The game starts as a graphic adventure where you can chat with your fellow soldiers and solve puzzles to advance the plot. You’ll move into an arcade phase that starts similar to Breakout/Arkanoid, bouncing attacks with your ship’s body in defense mode, and that’ll quickly turn into a shoot ’em up section like Galaga/Space Invaders with wall to wall arcade action. During those arcade sections the story will keep unfolding, so keep your eye into Shikon-X‘s communication screens to get all the scoop!

Back in the mother ship you’ll be able to continue the story, and even play other mini-games like the Bounty Hunter Baby from Space Pinball and other games to be added later!

Every chapter will add more mini-games and more story beats, and they’ll all be added to the main game —no DLC or extra things to buy!

Shikon-X Astro Defense Fortress launches 2021 on Windows PC (via Steam). A demo will launch June 9th during the Steam Game Festival.

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