Niche Spotlight – Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children

Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children

Today’s Spotlight is Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children, a tactical RPG by Dandylion that recently left Early Access.

The quick pitch for Troubleshooter is that its Persona with an XCOM-like combat system, developed by a South Korean indie studio. The game follows Albus, one of many superpowered freelance mercenaries called “Troubleshooters” that help the police take down criminals.

During his journey, Albus will meet and build relationships with other troubleshooters, allowing him to recruit them for his group. You can find a trailer from 2017 for the game below.

Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children is available on Windows PC via Steam for $24.99.

You can find the rundown (via Steam) below:

Editor’s Note: The original rundown featured all text in bold. We have removed this for all but the headings.

The basic system and interface part (cover, overwatch, rush) of a battle to operate a combat system is similar to ‘XCOM’.
However, core battle rules for combat and the growth of characters that affect combat is similar to ‘Final Fantasy Tactics’.
Troubleshooter is a RPG game with strategic elements, not strategic games. So we like a more forgiving regarding death.

Troubleshooter is a turn-based RPG with the story of Albus and the events happening around him. The story begins with Albus becoming an official Troubleshooter who then returns to his hometown to begin his journey as he meets new friends and colleagues on the way.

You will experience different events and meet different people and make it through the missions by playing as Albus and controlling his colleagues.

The characters appearing in the missions will have different decisions to make, and this will affect the relationships of the characters within the game to provide a slightly different story depending on the decisions.

There are colleagues who accompany Albus through the game. You will be able to meet different characters as you play his story. You might meet them during missions and become friends or you can recruit them to make them an official member of the company.

Users may recruit different characters and choose different combinations for each mission to suit their style of play.

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