The Persistence Heads to PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One on May 21

The Persistence

Perp Games have announced FireSprite Games’ VR horror game The Persistence will be coming to PC and consoles in a non-VR format.

The game launched in 2018 on PlayStation VR, and featured players attempting to survive on a deep space colony starship in 2521. It was overrun with mutants. The ship is procedurally generated, changing its layout every time you die.

As detailed in the press release, Firesprite Games MD and founder Graeme Ankers has high hopes for how the gameplay will transfer into non-VR gameplay.

“When we made the move to bring The Persistence to new platforms, our key focus was to ensure that the particularly brutal nature of gameplay made the leap to non-VR. As a result, The Persistence keeps players on edge from beginning to end, and with a procedurally generated environment forming around them, no two playthroughs are ever identical, meaning you will never find safety in the same spot.”

There will be “enhanced environments and post-processing effects” on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. While the Nintendo Switch version will have “atmospheric, cutting-edge visuals in docked, handheld or tabletop modes.”

The press release also states that those who already own the game on PlayStation VR will “receive these features” (presumably being able to play the game outside of VR) on PlayStation 4 as a free update. Those who pre-purchase the game on Nintendo Switch (between April 23rd and May 20th) and Xbox One (between April 30th and May 20th) will receive a 10% discount.

You can find the multiplatform release date trailer below.

You can find the full rundown (via Firesprite Games) below.

Editor’s Note: The press release below was written for when the game was exclusive to PlayStation VR.

Caught in the inexorable pull of a black hole, and with the crew mutated into horrific & murderous aberrations, it’s down to you, a clone of security office Zimri Eder, to save the ship and make the jump back to earth. Every time you die, you print a new (and potentially improved) clone of yourself. There’s a slim chance you could still escape, and take back your life, if only you can survive the horrors onboard and repair the ship’s devastated systems.

A brutal VR sci-fi-stealth, horror, roguelike featuring dozens of upgradable gear & weapons that may just be enough to keep you alive long enough to survive.

The Persistence is procedurally generated. Every time you die and a new clone of Zimri is printed, the layout of the ship has changed. Every life will play out differently, with different enemies to face, items to find and power-ups to collect.

Survival requires you to be stealthy and VR is the perfect match for this. Sneaking around and hiding behind cover; it’s second nature in VR to just lean round or peek over cover to gain the advantage.

Your friends can also help by connecting to the game with their phone or tablet and hacking into the ship’s computer. Once in the ship’s system, players get to control doors, freeze or distract enemies, disable traps and find hidden items to scavenge for the VR player. Be aware though, sometimes the tablet player gets rewarded if you die, do you trust your friends?

The Persistence is a procedurally generated VR sci-fi-stealth, horror game, exclusively for PlayStation®VR.

The Persistence is available on PSVR, and May 21st on Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Image: Press Release

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