Niche Spotlight – Damaged In Transit

Damaged In Transit

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Today’s Spotlight is Damaged In Transit, a puzzle game by Diego Garcia, Greg Heffernan, Wyatt Yeong, and Everook.

In Damaged In Transit, players must guide two self-driving robots to the exit of a maze-like deathtrap. Switch the directions on pads scattered across the map, making sure to correctly guide both drones in the right direction as they operate levers, dodge obstacles, and try not to fall off the level. The game has a local co-op mode as well.

You can find a trailer for the game below.

Damaged In Transit is available on Windows PC, and Mac (both via Itch.io, and Steam) for $14.99.

You can find a rundown of the game (via Steam) below:

Damaged In Transit
Split your attention in Damaged In Transit!

This mind-bending action-puzzler will leave you cross-eyed! Juggle your two drones and help them deliver their precious cargo. Spikes, pitfalls, flamethrowers and enemy robots will threaten your shipment as you trek across 125 levels of desert oases, coal mines, ports, oil rigs, and the core of the Earth!!! Deftly pilot your drones around the map and use the items you find to open pathways and get those packages delivered safely!

Embrace the miracle of automated delivery!

Action & Puzzle – Split Your Mind!

The challenge of Damaged in Transit — and it’s hard — comes from the need to direct your two self-driving drones across different areas on the map. You’ll need to simultaneously manage them both and direct them to where they have to be. Make sure that sending one drone here won’t send the other into danger somewhere else. This becomes increasingly difficult, especially with the combination of obstacles and puzzle elements. You’ll run into spikes that toggle with every input, arrows that flip at the push of a button, gates toggled by lighting beacons, and even evil, flamethrower-wielding robots. It sure starts to feel like you’re juggling knives instead of drones.

Coop – Great For a Date

Damaged In Transit is also great with a partner. But remember, nobody controls the drones themselves, so in co-op mode you’ll split your controls instead — you’ll need to be on your toes, planning, communicating, and relying on each other.


  • Single Player – Juggle both drones by yourself.
  • Local Co-Op – Juggle both drones with a friend! Each player takes half the controls.
  • 125 levels over 5 Worlds
  • Spikes!
  • Lava!
  • Traps!
  • Spikes!
  • Evil Robots!
  • More Spikes!

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