Bonfire Gets Free Demo on Steam


MoaCube has just released a free demo for their upcoming tactical roguelite RPG, Bonfire.

Bonfire is a tactical roguelite RPG set in a grim-yet-cute fantasy world. The game follows Hildie on her hopeless quest to defeat the Faceless Overlord. Gather a band of fellow survivors and build subtle synergies to conquer the game’s brutal combat encounters.

The demo covers a significant chunk of Bonfire‘s early game, and save files will be compatible with the full release. You can find the demo on the game’s Steam page. You can check out a trailer below.

You can find a rundown of the game (via Steam) below:

Bonfire is a tactical battle roguelike about journey and failure.
Hildie’s world has collapsed. She and her group of heroic misfits journey through a desolate world that’s well past saving. Her quest to destroy the Faceless Overlord of the Mournfolk may be hopeless, but she’s kinda into lost causes.

Bonfire is a procedurally generated, deeply tactical RPG with a rapid battle system and heroes who care a little too much. A game of plans that go sideways, crazy builds that somehow work, quick gameplay sessions, and a cute-sad story that binds it all together.

Bonfire is all about complex strategy emerging from simple rules. The rapid turn-based battle system drops menu navigation in favor of contextual abilities and tactical item use. Each click is a move, each move is significant, and each encounter is a puzzle to solve.

The gloomy world of Bonfire is procedurally generated. You’ll travel to really depressing-sounding places, expand your arsenal of tactical options, meet a cast of rather odd survivors, and struggle to survive yourself. The game is designed for endless play, but its story actually goes somewhere. And yes — there’s even an ending.

Making your own builds and party comps is where it’s at! Bonfire classes are designed around subtle synergies to work in any possible combination. As your pool of available heroes, abilities and items increases, you’ll be able to experiment with more and more interesting setups that don’t fall under common RPG archetypes.

Bonfire is difficult. The challenge, however, doesn’t come from spiteful RNG coin tosses. While you often have to make the best of a situation, success depends on your setup and tactical flexibility. Each decision is final, and each mistake may be fatal, but runs are bite-sized enough to allow for quick adjustments.

This honestly should be at the top of this list.

Bonfire will be releasing in Q1 2020 for Windows PC and Mac via Steam Early Access.

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