Hyperkin Announces the Retron Jr., a Throwback Console Focused Entirely on Game Boy Titles

Hyperkin has announced (via Nintendo Life) the Retron Jr., a new throwback emulation console.

The Retron Jr. is much like its Retron big brother in that it plays classic games right from the cartridge, only this console is focused entirely on the Game Boy. The Retron Jr. will be able to play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges.

While the Analogue Pocket throwback handheld console utilizes FPGA chipsets to actually recreate classic Game Boy hardware, the Retron Jr. is an emulation box and as such utilizes software to play games off the cartridges. In terms of output, the Retron Jr. will be able to display to your TV at 720p, and comes with a SNES-styled controller (with a 6ft cable).

Further details like a release window or post-launch support were not confirmed.

Cody Long


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