Classic Sunsoft Platformer Gimmick! is Getting a Remake for Arcades

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Sunsoft’s classic platforming title Gimmick! was ahead of its time, a meticulously crafted game that was released towards the end of the Famicom’s lifecycle and only in Japan. Now, the game is getting another chance via a remake, and only for arcades.

The new remake is coming to the exA-Arcadia arcade platform, a modular and affordable arcade solution that has been getting a number of both old and new titles. The remake is being developed internally by Team Exa, and features an all-new arranged soundtrack by Manabu Namiki, all new artwork, native 1080p widescreen support, and a new scoring system.

While Kirby’s Adventure usually got the spotlight for being a colorful and cute platformer on the Famicom, Gimmick! was the more challenging of the brightly colored games. The game centers on Yumetarou, the green yokai that a father buys as a gift for his daughter (thinking it’s a toy). The other toys get jealous of the girl’s favorite new toy, so they kidnap her to another world.

A release date for Gimmick EXACT☆MIX isn’t confirmed, but there is a new location test set for March 27th, 2020.

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