Capcom Files Trademark for Dino Crisis, Darkstalkers, More

It has been noticed that Capcom has trademarked Dino Crisis and Darkstalkers.

Both the trademarks were noticed by 商標ウォッチbot (literally “Trademark watch bot”) on Twitter, an account that posts trademarks noted in the weekly “Public / International Trademark Gazette” of the Japan Patent Office (JPO), and the Chizai-watch website.

The account noted two patents filed by Capcom. One was for Dino Crisismade on November 29th of this year. The other was for Vampire– the Japanese name for Darkstalkers- filed on the same day.

Curiously, while Dino Crisis is categorized as a “Category: Class 9 (machinery) Product service: Game program and others,” Darkstalkers is categorized as “Category: Class 41 (Education / Entertainment) Product service: Provision of online games and information related to them.”

This may mean Darkstalkers could be a digital-only game, while Dino Crisis could be anything from a physical disc or cartridge on consoles, to an arcade or pachinko machine.

We also see the likes of Rockman (better known as Megaman), Breath of FireCaptain CommandoCapcom Fighting Jam, Vulgus, and King of Dragons.

All patents were filled November 29th, and revealed to the public on December 17th. While Megaman, Breath of Fire and Captain Commando are all registered as game software, Capcom Fighting Jam, Vulgus, and King of Dragons are registered differently, indicating they will be mobile games.

“Product service: Online game provision and information related to it, online game for mobile phones, smartphones and mobile communication terminals, and information related to this are displayed.”

We will keep you informed as we learn more.

Editor’s Note: Features images via Wireframe, Capcom-Unity.

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