Niche Spotlight – Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure

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Today’s Spotlight is Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure by Stuck In Attic.

Gibbous is an old school, traditionally-animated point and click adventure game full of crazy cults, forbidden knowledge, clueless heroes, and a sassy talking cat. Detective Don R. Ketype is on the trail of the Necronomicon, the infamous tome of occult knowledge, before it can fall into the wrong hands.

Unfortunately, clueless librarian Buzz Kerwan finds it first and accidentally uses it to make his pet cat talk. Together, the group must find a way to reverse the Necronomicon’s magic and keep it away from an army of crazed cultists. You can check out the launch trailer above.

Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure is available on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam and GOG for $19.99.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

A comedy cosmic horror adventure made in Transylvania.

Darkham, with its crooked gambrel roofs, dark alleys, and a past shrouded in secrecy, never really was a welcoming place, but nowadays? Kooky cults are popping up everywhere, and that most evil book, the Necronomicon, is spoken of in trembling whispers once more.

Detective Don R. Ketype is on the case to retrieve the mysterious evil tome, but unsuspecting librarian Buzz Kerwan stumbles upon it and accidentally transforms his cat, Kitteh, into a walking, talking abomination. Being humanized? Quite a downgrade.

Gibbous is a comedy cosmic horror game – a modern adventure that is classically inspired, features gorgeous HD art, detailed traditional animation, and a lengthy story that will see the three protagonists travel around the world and deal with abominations both cosmic and human-made, voodoo, and Things That Should Not Be. From Lovecraft Country to Transylvania, set off on a quest to get a very cynical cat to stop talking.


  • Over 60 hand-painted, detailed environments inspired by Transylvanian architecture and nature;
  • Fluid traditional 2d animation with a Disney-esque look and feel;
  • Two protagonists and a talking ca— Okay, three. Three protagonists;
  • Upwards of 70 fully voiced, crazy characters;
  • Special guest appearance by Doug Cockle, voice of the Witcher;
  • Contains most genuine Transylvanian accent in games and media, like, ever;
  • Over 4 hours of lush original soundtrack featuring live instruments;
  • A lengthy cinematic story that spans continents and more;
  • Moment to moment humor, darker arching plot;
  • Dynamic lighting, real time reflections and weather system;
  • Integrated hint system to help you when you’re stuck;
  • Fully animated cartoon cutscenes that punctuate important story beats;
  • Over 12,000 voiced dialogue lines;
  • Custom voiced responses for all the crazy combinations you can think of;
  • Lovingly made near Vlad the Impaler’s birthplace;
  • No cutesifying or making fun of the Old Ones, praise their Dark Names;
  • Did we mention the talking cat?

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