The Original Diablo is Now Playable in Your Web Browser

The original Diablo is now playable in your web browser thanks to a group of enterprising fans.

The 1996 classic action-RPG can now be played entirely in your browser, thanks to the folks at Rivsoft.

The browser version of the game requires you to actually own the game, which finally got its first modern re-release on GOG.

The page for the browser version notes the source code for the game had to be “reconstructed” by two teams, meaning it retains all the glorious “bugs and badly written code” found in the original game.

To play the game in your browser, you simply need to drag and drop the “DIABDAT.MPQ” file into the above browser link, and away you go!

As this is the shareware version of Diablo, you’ll only get access to the first two areas of the first dungeon, and one of the three character classes.

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