Taito Announces Graffiti Kingdom Successor “Rakugaki Kingdom” for Smartphones

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Taito has announced Rakugaki Kingdom.

The new graffiti-themed game is coming to iOS and Android devices sometime this winter, in Japan – news confirmed in the latest Famitsu. Featured above, you can view the first teaser trailer for the game.

Rakugaki Kingdom is the latest game in the series (including Magic Pengel, Graffiti Kingdom, and more), which started back in 2002, where you design and draw “graffiti creatures” via the graffiti system, upon which they become full 3D characters.

The new follow-up will let you design creatures entirely from scratch, as well via pre-made characters in the “simple mode.”

Each creature has a large number of abilities, and battles pan out in three-on-three parties, and there are player-versus-player battles too. You can also post your drawings of creatures, or compete in the global ranking.

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