Microsoft Now a Partner of GOG Galaxy 2.0

Microsoft seems to be on board with Good Old Games’ Galaxy 2.0 client.

In case you missed our prior coverage, GOG is aiming for the new Galaxy client to allow you to synch all your gaming profiles into one place.

According to reports from GameStar in an interview with Piotr Karwowski (GOG’s Managing Director), Phil Spencer (Executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft) was impressed:

“Karwoski already confirmed to us as a Microsoft partner¬†: “We showed Phil Spencer our app and he was immediately enthusiastic, because this merge of platforms is exactly what Microsoft also wants to promote.” So you could, among other game-pass games integrate in Galaxy 2.0.¬†One is however also with nearly all other platform offerers in the conversation and get to date very positive signals.”

Spencer had shown Microsoft had taken a more open approach to PC gaming with recent announcements, including Xbox Game Pass coming to Windows PC, Xbox Game Studios titles coming to more platforms, and supporting Win32 API on the Windows 10 operating system.

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