Rumor: George R.R. Martin and From Software Developing New Game Titled “Great Rune”

A rumor circled the usual outlets a few months ago that claimed A Song of Fire and Ice writer George R.R. Martin was collaborating with Japanese studio From Software on a new video game.

Now, Martin has confirmed he has consulted on a video game being developed in Japan. Rumors have been flying once again, however many are claiming this new game is indeed a collab between From Software and Martin, and it could be revealed soon.

Details are scant, however, the game is purportedly titled “Great Rune,” and is set in the world of Norse mythology. You’ll be able to go through various kingdoms and gain new abilities from killing the leaders of said kingdoms.

Supposedly we’ll get the first look on this game as early as this year’s E3. We’ll keep you guys posted.

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Brandon Orselli


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