Psychedelic Metroidvania “Fearmonium” Announced for PC

Redblack Spade, the developer of last year’s Catmaze, has announced their next title – Fearmonium.

Fearmonium will be launching on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam, though no release date has been announced. You can check out the announcement trailer above.

Fearmonium is a surreal Metroidvania set in the disjointed memories of a man named Jimmy. You play as an unpleasant childhood memory that has become a full-blown phobia of clowns, something I’m sure we can all related to.

Travel through Jimmy’s twisted consciousness and encounter environments and enemies based on repressed memories that are coming back to the surface.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Fearmonium is a psychedelic action-platformer where suspense intertwines with humor. Start the game as the usual unpleasant memory and reincarnate into a real phobia by breaking through the most hidden corners of consciousness of Jimmy.

The whole game will unfold in the inner world of a boy who once saw several clowns at a fair. Their images secured by support of Depression are making their way into the depths of his consciousness through the nightmare, meeting Jimmy’s memories on their way, anxieties and bright images. Will the clowns be able to supplant all objective fears of Jimmy and take the place of his main horror?

Key Features:

  • A huge map of Jimmy’s consciousness, woven from abstract images and half-forgotten memories;
  • Classic and hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation;
  • Dynamic battles with combo attacks and a variety of unique abilities;
  • Information about the process of the formation of new phobias and the nature of human consciousness;
  • Memorable enemies, whose images reflect what Jimmy saw in the real world;
  • The answer to the question: does a phobia always cause irreparable harm, or can its presence change life for better?
Frank Streva


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