New Look for Kyohei Hamura Revealed in Judgement After Cocaine Scandal


RPG Studio have revealed the new face of character Kyohei Hamura in Judgement, after the original voice actor Pierre Taki had been arrested for suspicion of cocaine use.

The role was subsequently recast, and as the original character’s face was modeled after the actor, so to does this new appearance. RGG Studio (the developers behind the game) tweeted new images and a trailer. However the official website has not yet been updated with new information, such as who this new voice actor is.

RGG Studio also tweeted a new trailer with English voice over. No new uploads have come from Sega or PlayStation Youtube accounts for the US, Europe, or Japan.

You can find the screenshots of the new Kyohei below:

We will update this article as we learn more.

Judgment was released back in December 2018 for Japan, and is set for a June 25th release in the Americas and Europe. This may be delayed however.

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