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Daedalic Entertainment Picks Up Multiplayer Survival Game CryoFall

Daedalic Entertainment has announced that they have picked up the publishing rights to CryoFall, an upcoming 2D multiplayer survival game by AtomicTorch Studio.

CryoFall puts players in the shoes of intergalactic explorers that have been stranded on a hostile alien world. Players can band together to create massive industrial cities, or raid other settlements for the resources they need to survive. You can check out the teaser trailer above.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

CryoFall is Sci-Fi multiplayer survival game set on a forgotten planet in a distant future. Welcome to the world of CryoFall, where a catastrophic crash landing has stranded you — and dozens of others — millions of light-years from home, trapped on a hostile planet and in constant danger.

Your only hope for survival is to make use of the resources around you as you develop your skills and technology to conquer this new land, tame its harsh wilderness and build a new life for you and those who have found themselves marooned on CryoFall.

Together with dozens of other survivors you can create your own cities, establish an active economy, industry and agriculture, or pillage what other survivors managed to put together.

Key Features:

  • Complex crafting and industrial system, including oil refining & lithium extraction
  • Various stages of technological progress (primitive, industrial, modern, post-modern, sci-fi)
  • Farming with complex crop growth simulation, fertilizers, etc. & diverse cooking options
  • Wide range of player interactions and roles with meaningful specialization options emphasizing meaningful interactions, rather than just combat
  • Economy with coin minting, complex trading and automated vending machines managed by players
  • Carefully hand-crafted maps and locations (+ map editor)
  • Storyline elements discovered through exploration
  • Diverse environments with several biomes (temperate, desert, tropical, boreal, wasteland, etc.)
  • In-house developed Renkei Engine™, allowing hundreds of players on the same server
  • Complex character simulation with several dozens of status effects (e.g. bleeding, poisoning, radiation, etc.)
  • Extensive modding capabilities, including real-time code editing

CryoFall will be launching for Windows PC via Steam Early Access on April 3rd.

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