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Indie Games to Watch in 2019: Adventure

Now that I’m done highlighting some of the indie and AA shooters coming this year, its time to move on to another genre. Today I’m going to cover adventure games, be they more traditional narrative-focused ones, exploration-based games, or even the nebulous “action-adventure” label.

In other words, I’m throwing a bunch of games together that didn’t fit the other broad and loosely-defined categories I chose to break these articles down into. If you don’t like it then yell at me in the comments below.

As with the other articles, this will by no means be a comprehensive list. There’s so many indie games coming out these days that no one could realistically keep up with them all.

Here’s 15 “adventure” games to look forward to in 2019:

Developer: Ion Lands
Platforms: Windows PC

Cloudpunk is a cyberpunk cargo delivery game that was just recently announced a few months back. You play as Rania, a new driver for a semi-legal delivery company. Shuttle packages around the dystopian metropolis of Nivalis, interact with a mysterious cast of characters, and get wrapped up in a vast conspiracy. Cloudpunk has no confirmed release date yet.

The Last Night
Publisher: Raw Fury
Developer: Odd Tales
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One

Unfortunately, given recent news, we probably won’t see The Last Night release this year. Still, we can always hope that the indie darling of E3 2017 might pull through and come out before the end of 2019. In any case, I’m definitely excited to hear more news soon.

Publisher: Finji
Developer: Andrew Shouldice
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, Xbox One

Tunic was one of the big indie darlings shown during Microsoft’s E3 2018 presentation, and hopefully it will be out sometime this year. Play as an adorable little fox exploring a massive world in this Zelda-inspired adventure game.

The Sinking City
Publisher: Bigben Interactive
Developer: Frogwares
Platforms: Windows PC, PS4, Xbox One

For something significantly less cute, check out the Lovecraftian-inspired psychological horror game, The Sinking City. As a private investigator, its your job to unravel the mysteries behind the supernatural madness that has gripped the city of Oakmont. The game was originally set to release on March 21st, but the date has apparently been pushed back.

Beyond Blue
Developer: E-Line Media
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One

Continuing our dive into the watery abyss, Beyond Blue is set to release Q1 of this year. Created by the developers of 2014’s Never Alone, Beyond Blue is an exploration game about a team of researchers using advanced new technologies to reach the darkest depths of the ocean and catalog the wonderous creatures they encounter. At least, that was the goal before things start going wrong.

Stranded Sails- Explorers of the Cursed Islands
Publisher: Rokapublish
Developer: Lemonbomb Entertainment
Platforms: Windows PC

Stranded Sails is an open-world sandbox game with a heavy emphasis on farming, exploration, and puzzles. After a disaster leaves you shipwrecked, its up to you to help the remaining survivors of the ship’s crew by building a humble farm and scavenging for valuable resources on the 7 nearby islands. The game is set to release in Q2 of this year.

Publisher: Double Fine
Developer: Glumberland
Platforms: Windows PC, Xbox One

Another farming game (with a dash of Pokémon) coming this year is Ooblets. Plant seeds to grow the titular ooblet creatures, then train them and engage in dance battles against other ooblet trainers. The game was initially supposed to launch late last year, so we’ll likely see it release fairly soon.

Developer: Alientrap
Platforms: Windows PC

Another upcoming Alientrap title is Wytchwood, a survival crafting game based on folktales and legends. You play as the mysterious witch of the woods living on the edge of a rural town. Pass judgement on the wicked by concocting spells and potions crafted from magical ingredients gathered in your dark forest realm. No release date has been announced.

The Last Campfire
Developer: Hello Games
Platforms: Windows PC, unannounced consoles

I know, Hello Games doesn’t exactly have the best reputation following No Man’s Sky, but The Last Campfire is the sort of smaller scale indie title that they excelled at before biting off more than they could chew with their last release. There’s not a whole lot of details on what the gameplay is like, but it has a cute art style and will hopefully allow the studio to regain some more goodwill among gamers.

Developer: Night School Studio
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, Linux

Afterparty is the latest adventure game from the developers of Oxenfree, and looks to take a similar approach to design choices and mechanics. After a long night drinking and partying, friends Milo and Lola have found themselves in a bit of a predicament: They died and went to Hell. Instead of accepting their fate, they begin training to take on Satan’s challenge that offers a second chance if they can beat him in a drinking contest. No release date has been announced yet.

The Church in the Darkness
Publisher: Fellow Traveler
Developer: Paranoid Productions
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

The Church in the Darkness is an isometric stealth thriller inspired by the Jonestown Massacre. The Collective Justice Mission, a religious cult facing potential government investigation in the United States, has fled to South America to continue their shady practices in isolation. You’ve traveled to the cult’s new location to check up on a relative following a series of disturbing letters, and you quickly learn that the cult has many dark secrets to hide. The Church in the Darkness doesn’t currently have a release date.

Ary and the Secret of Seasons
Publisher: Modus Games
Developer: eXiin, Fishing Cactus
Platforms: Windows PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Ary and the Secret of Seasons is a vibrant action-adventure game with a heavy focus on puzzles. The seasons have been disrupted by a mysterious force, and its up to Ary to save the kingdom. Ary’s abilities are based around manipulating seasons to solve puzzles and fight enemies. The game is set to release in Q3 of this year.

Publisher: Raw Fury
Developer: Shedworks
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, Xbox One

Sable is an open-world adventure game set on a forgotten desert planet. You play as Sable, a young girl trying to learn more about the history of her world by exploring ancient ruins, interacting with fellow travelers, and charting fallen starship wrecks from atop her rickety hoverbike. No release date has been announced.

Publisher: THQ Nordic
Developer: Uprising Studios
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac

Another indie game that was picked up by THQ Nordic is Scarf, a relaxed, narrative-focused 3D platformer. Explore three colorful worlds to discover their secrets. Each area is themed around a new set of mechanics, usually based on an upgrade to your flowing scarf. The game doesn’t currently have a release date.

HuniePop 2
Developer: HuniePot
Platforms: Windows PC

Finally, lets take a break from all the exploration and fighting to embark on a different kind of adventure. Originally slated to release last year, HuniePop 2 should be coming out fairly soon. This sequel to the popular puzzle-based dating sim includes 12 girls to seduce (plus everyone’s favorite sex-crazed love fairy), many of which are newcomers to the franchise. Look, I know I’m reaching pretty far by including HuniePop 2 in the adventure games article, but considering they won’t let me make a porn games category I had to squeeze this one in somewhere.

That’s all for my round-up of indie adventure games to keep an eye out for in the coming year. Next time, I’ll be tackling RPGs, and like several other categories, it’ll be another two-parter. Until then, which of these games are you interested in?

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