Synthwave Racer OutDrive Gets Steam Achievements

DNVR Prod may have released their ’80s-inspired neon-drenched survival racer OutDrive back in 2016, but that hasn’t stopped them from continuously updating it.

The latest update finally adds achievements, in addition to fixing some minor issues here and there. The same update includes a list of features players can expect in 2019, including details regarding a mobile port and proper sequel. You can check out a trailer for the game above.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Gaming experiment in genre of music runner – not a game, aesthetic concept.
Put the pedal to the metal or your girl will die!

Her heart works with help of the car engine and it’s you who decide how much time she has.
And it depends on you how many neon landscapes she will see – the road to the sky has no end in the last trip.

The endless world in Retrowawe setting where you’ll burn tyres of the car to the strongest tracks of Retowawe/Synthwawe composers.
Neon landscapes with mountain chains and beaches will be your companions in the fated race.

If the car engine stops working, she will die and her blood will be on your hands!

Experience the atmosphere of the world inspired by 80s with their neon lights, VHS tapes and synth pop. Buckle up!

See you on the fluorescent road in your last ride towards the sunset!

PS: Try to hold out for 8 minutes…

OutDrive is available on Windows PC via Steam for $2.99.

Frank Streva


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