Indie Games to Watch in 2019: Shooters

The next genre I’ll be tackling in this series are shooters. Be it an FPS, tactical third-person shooter, twin-stick, or side-scroller, if its a game where there’s lots of weapons that make pew-pew noises, then I’ll be including it in this list. As with the previous ones, there’s no way I could ever make a complete, comprehensive list of every indie or AA shooter in the coming year, but hopefully I’ve managed to highlight a good chunk of them.

Here’s 16 shooters to keep an eye on in 2019:

Blazing Chrome
Publisher: The Arcade Crew
Developer: JoyMasher
Platforms: Windows PC, PS4, Switch

Let’s start things off with Blazing Chrome, a game that several members of the Niche Gamer staff (as well as Elon Musk) are interested in. Annihilate the robot uprising as a muscular badass or a renegade robot insurgent in this Contra-inspired retro side-scroller. The game is set to release in Q1 2019.

Publisher: Coffee Stain Publishing
Developer: Easy Trigger Games
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

If you want some more retro-inspired side-scrolling action, then check out Huntdown. In a dark future, the police employ bounty hunters to help take down prominent gang leaders. Play as one of 3 unique bounty hunters and tear down the most violent gangs in the city. No release date has been announced.

Black Future ’88
Publisher: Good Shepard Entertainment
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac

One 2D shooter coming this year that I’m personally very excited for is Black Future ’88, a roguelite set in a neon-drenched cyberpunk 1988 that has been devastated by a nuclear war. One of the key gameplay mechanics is that your heart is minutes from exploding, and the only way to extend your life is by finding and equipping buffs and curses. The game doesn’t have a set release date yet.

Publisher: Hound Picked Games
Developer: Troglobytes Games
Platforms: Windows PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Another interesting roguelite shooter coming this year is HyperParasite. Coincidentally, it’s also set in a dystopian alternate 1980s. You play as the game’s titular parasite, an alien with the ability to jump between humans to gain their abilities. The game is expected to come out this Spring, but until then you can check out the free demo on Steam.

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
Developer: Piranha Games
Platforms: Windows PC

In case you somehow haven’t heard yet, the developers behind MechWarrior Online are also working on MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, the next mainline single player installment in this venerable mech series. The game will place you in control of a mech pilot that inherits a mercenary company towards the end of the Third Succession War, and features online co-op. The game is set to release on September 10th.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Developer: FromSoftware, General Arcade
Platforms: Windows PC, PS4, Xbox One

If you want some more mecha action this year, then Developer Digital has you covered with a modernized rerelease of FromSoftware’s over-the-top cult hit Metal Wolf Chaos, where the President of the United States personally fights a renegade Vice President with a custom mech suit. Metal Wolf Chaos XD is supposed to release sometime this Summer.

My Friend Pedro
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Developer: DeadToast Entertainment
Platforms: Windows PC, Switch

Another quirky action game coming to us this year from Devolver Digital is My Friend Pedro. The game looks like it can best be described as a side-scrolling Deadpool simulator, and should be coming out Q1 2019.

The Hong Kong Massacre
Developer: VRESKI
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, Linux, PS4

If you want some more bullet time-fueled gun-fu, then keep an eye out for The Hong Kong Massacre. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this top-down shooter is inspired by classic John Woo movies. Sadly, there is no release date yet.

Publisher: Rising Star Games
Developer: Ground Shatter
Platforms: Windows PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

RICO is a co-op FPS that makes heavy use of bullet time. In this buddy crime drama inspired by over-the-top action movies, two players have to solve a series of procedurally generated cases, usually by shooting a bunch of gang members in the face. The game doesn’t have a set release date yet.

Police Stories
Publisher: HypeTrain Digital
Developer: Mighty Morgan
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

Another co-op buddy cop game coming this year is Police Stories. The game is focused on slower, tactical engagements where players will need to rescue hostages and diffuse bombs as well as take out the bad guys. The game is supposed to release in Q1 2019.

Due Process
Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
Developer: Giant Enemy Crab
Platforms: Windows PC

Continuing the theme of tactical law enforcement action, Due Process is a competitive, team-focused FPS where a squad of police need to raid a building being defended by a gang of criminals. The maps are procedurally generated by combining blocks of hand-crafted rooms, and before each match teams will have a chance to discuss their strategy before going in. Due Process does not have a set release date yet.

Atomic Heart
Developer: Mundfish
Platforms: Windows PC, PS4, Xbox One

It might be a while before we see a new BioShock, or that upcoming System Shock remake, but luckily we have Atomic Heart to look forward to. Set at the height of the Cold War, you play as a Soviet agent sent to a remote facility after the government lost radio contact with it. The game is targeting a Q4 release date.

Void Bastards
Publisher: Humble Bundle
Developer: Blue Manchu
Platforms: Windows PC, Xbox One

Speaking of BioShock and System Shock, Jonathan Chey, the co-founder of Irrational Games and director of System Shock 2 and the first BioShock, is currently working on a game called Void Bastards. Inspired by the aforementioned franchises, Void Bastards is a “strategy shooter” where you are trying to lead your crew through the deadly Sargasso Nebula. The game is supposed to release sometime within the next few months.

Developer: Alientrap
Platform: Windows PC

Gunhead is a roguelite FPS, and serves as a sequel to Alientrap’s previous game, Cryptark. Just like in Cryptark, you play as a pirate scavenger using a heavily armed hardsuit to raid ancient, derelict alien vessels for rare artifacts and lost technology. No release date has been announced.

Hell Let Loose
Publisher: Team17 Digital
Developer: Black Matter
Platforms: Windows PC

If you were unsatisfied with the latest WWII-themed installment of a certain high-profile multiplayer franchise, then add Hell Let Loose to your wish list. The game offers 14 playable classes in 50 vs 50 combined arms matches that focus on authenticity and realism. Hell Let Loose hasn’t received a firm release date yet.

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia
Publisher: Headup
Developer: MorbidWare
Platforms: Windows PC

Finally, we come to The Textorcist, a blend of typing game and bullet hell. Perform exorcists by typing Latin scripture, all while dodging tons of projectiles. The Textorcist is due to release in Q1 of this year.

As with my strategy highlights, there’s too many interesting shooters to squeeze into just one of these articles. Come back later to see the second half, where I highlight another 17 indie and AA shooters coming our way in 2019. Until then, which of these games caught your attention?

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