Stardock Now Selling Star Control: Origins on Their Own Store

Following the fraudulent DMCA takedown notice issued to Star Control: Origins, the game was pulled from Steam and GOG. Now, developer Stardock has opted to sell the game directly on their own store.

The game is now available for Windows PC on their own store, and for 50% off its regular price – making it only 20$. The game is an entirely new experience, and is quite worth checking out if you’re into sci-fi – I said as much in my review.

Without delving too much into the legality behind the DMCA claim – this is the first time a shipped or released game has been taken down by a DMCA claim, which is handled by an automated system. As such, neither Valve or GOG initially verify the legality of the claim(s).

Star Control: Origins contains no copyrighted works of the DMCA claimants, so it’s disheartening to see the system being abused in this fashion. It’s worth mentioning you get a Steam key for the game when purchasing through Stardock’s store.

Previously, Stardock noted they “will do our very best to continue to support the game” and that “hopefully Star Control: Origins will return as soon as possible” to both Steam and GOG.

We’ll keep you guys posted.

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