Dragon Quest Builders 2 Details for Endless War Island, Weather Systems

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The official Japanese Dragon Quest Builders 2 has updated with new screenshots for the “Endless War Island.”

Players must rebuild a large castle on this island, a task that may take a long time due to its size. The website recommends hiring NPCs and using blueprints to help complete the task.  As mentioned previously, NPCs can be used to complete other tasks such as farming and building.

While attempting to rebuild the castle, it will be routinely attacked by the Hargon Sect- the same group that destroyed the Kingdom the first time around. The game then takes on elements of tower defense, as you can place down traps and turrets to help fend them off.

In addition, the website has shown off some of the weather that can hinder the player, such as blizzards and tornadoes. Finally, the game is shown to have some under-water segments with a water-filled tunnel.

You can find all the screenshots mentioned above, below:

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is launching for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on December 20th in Japan.

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