Niche Spotlight – Mad Crown: Apocalyptic and Dieselpunk Dungeon TCG

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Today’s Spotlight is Mad Crown, a card-based roguelite RPG by S-Game that left Early Access a few months back.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic dieselpunk world, hundreds of years after a nuclear war awakened god-like entities that were slumbering beneath the earth. You lead a party of adventurers searching for the mythical Mad Crown, an ancient artifact said to grant the wearer immense power. You can check out a trailer above.

The actual gameplay consists of party-based dungeon crawling not unlike Darkest Dungeon, but your items and consumables come in the form of a deck of cards. When you die you lose all your items, but here’s were an interesting mechanic comes in. You can generate a code to send a quest to other players to retrieve your gear. If they succeed, you’ll get your gear back and the other player gains fame and other rewards.

Mad Crown is available on Windows PC via Steam for $9.99.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Mad Crown is a roguelike RPG set in a post-apocalyptic dieselpunk world. As an explorer, you are in search of the legendary crown. Make use of limited resources and meticulous tactics to battle an eerie enemy through the procedurally generated dungeons of a mutated world.

Mad Crown is a dungeon crawling roguelike RPG set in a dieselpunk world set hundreds of years after the human race destroyed the world with nuclear weapons. The nuclear Armageddon awoke god like leviathans from beneath the earth’s surface and a doomsday battle between these creatures devastated the planet’s surface. Now a hundred years after the fabled battle of the gods, Humans try to carve out an existence in the mutated land filled with repulsive creatures.

Rumors have surfaced about the existence of the Mad Crown. A powerful artifact said to hold untold power that would rival the gods. Thus, you, like many others before have set out to find the Mad Crown .

Key Features:

  • Roguelike elements: Initial level zero setting, penalties for player death, inventory management, survival mechanics.
  • Procedurally generated dungeons.
  • Tough boss battles.
  • In-depth tactical turn-based combat.
  • Card deck system: use items and ability cards inside and outside of combat to your tactical advantage.
  • Vivid art style and scored soundtrack.
  • Adventurers reciprocal rescue! Adventurers can work together to rescue one another
    • If you die other adventurers can reach out to and help retrieve all lost items
    • Join a rescue team to help other adventurers killed in the Ruins and win respect and rewards
  • Witty monster character mechanics.
  • Large enemy variety with multiple strategies.
  • 10 available characters classes.
  • Over 200 items to suit your party.
  • Challenging levels and special modes

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