Hazelnut Bastille 8-Bit Prequel Dawnthorn Announced

Aloft Studio have announced Dawnthorn, a prequel to Kickstarter game Hazelnut Bastille.

The gameplay cites its inspiration from games such as the original The Legend of Zelda, Startropics, Link’s Awakening, and The Adventures of Lolo.

It promises to be around 12-15 hours long, and is free to those who backed Hazelnut Bastille on Kickstarter with $5 or more. As of this time of writing, the Kickstarter is nearly over, and has raised $148,186.55 from 3988 backers and an initial goal of $65,000.

You can find a brief run-down of the story below:

Dawnthorn tells the story of the hero who wielded the eponymous blade before the events of Hazelnut Bastille. This hero journeys to a foreign shore to selflessly offer up his strength, to overcome a great cataclysm few even know exists. Guided by the wisdom of a cabal of lost sages who seem only concerned with zen-like mastery over soup-making, he will seek to undo the great tragedy of the ancients!

Dawnthorn releases in Spring of 2019 for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux (on Steam). A “likely” PlayStation 4 and Switch version will also be released at a later date “if it is well received”.

Hazelnut Bastille is coming soon to Windows, Mac, Linux, and Switch. Even though the stretch goal for a PlayStation 4 version of the game has not been met “you will still be able to wait for this platform with your backing, if you choose” and “We may potentially bring the work to other consoles as well, given enough support and interest”.

Ryan Pearson


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