Sony Japan Says Goodbye to the PS2, Cuts Off All Remaining Support

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All hail the king – Sony Japan is finally cutting off the last remnants for the PlayStation 2 in its native country.

The company has ended (via IT their post-launch servicing of the console.

While production of the greatest-selling home console has been over since 2012, the company has been carrying out repairs for the king up until now – nearly two decades since the console launched in the year 2000.

Sony required PS2 owners to fill out online forms to have their consoles repaired by August 31st. PS2 consoles that arrive at the PlayStation Clinic service center in Iwate Prefecture after September 7th will unfortunately not be eligible for repairs. If you didn’t register online prior to August 31st, you’re out of luck.

It’s worth pointing out customer support for the PlayStation 2 officially ended on the same day, August 31st.

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