President Trump to Meet With Game Industry Folks on March 8

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In the wake of the deadly Parkland, Florida shooting the debate over what actually causes gun violence has begun anew, only this time an old argument has come back – that violent video games lead to people becoming violent and or unstable. To possibly entertain this concept, President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with key video game industry folks this week.

The meeting is set for March 8th and will include representatives from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), as well as other key individuals from the industry – news confirmed from the latest White House press briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Details regarding the actual meeting are scant – but we can assume there will be some initial back and forth as to whether or not the long-established video games rating board(s) are effective at preventing minors from getting violent titles or educating parents to the violence, and so on. There’s also the long-disproven cultivation theory, which I’m sure will get some discussion time.

The more interesting thing behind this meeting and Trump’s statements regarding violent video games (he’s said it’s possibly a contributing factor to an individual becoming violent) is that other game journalists and pundits who typically and routinely advocate to censor violent or controversial games suddenly have taken a stance against Trump, after years of saying what he’s suggesting.

We’ve written extensively how cultivation theory is bogus and that video games literally cannot make you dangerous or violent – in fact they can be a tool to help keep your sanity. How do you feel about violent video games being blamed once again for violence in real life? Is there any correlation? Sound off in the comments below!

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