NeoGAF Re-Opens #GamerGate Discussion After Originally Mass-Censoring the Topic

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Following the mass exodus of moderators and censorious users at NeoGAF, the once massive internet gaming forum has had something of a rebirth. What’s more, the community has even re-opened discussion (with the approval of its owner) on the once banned, mass-censored topic of #GamerGate, the consumer revolt against bad practices and corruption in the gaming industry.

While the discussion has been opened once again, some users are still under the impression that the movement was used as a device to say “games that don’t fit my viewpoint shouldn’t exist,” which typically was never the case. However, it’s refreshing to see many once never-GamerGaters saying they’re open to be convinced otherwise, now that the cancerous users have moved on.

The three key points discussed in the thread are:

  1. Games are about fun, not political agenda
  2. Facts over feelings
  3. Censorship is always bad

NeoGAF owner Tyler Malka even condemned infamous pundit and perpetual self-professed GamerGate-victim Anita Sarkeesian, saying her “videos aren’t the greatest,” and her attempt at “feminist film criticism” is literally “trash,” going on to say her “misogynist” critique of Mad Max: Fury Road “sealed the deal” for him. He even criticized “overly forced diversity,” wishing more movies and games had authentic balance with representation of minorities.

Regardless of how you feel about Anita or GamerGate-instigator Zoe Quinn, Malka did say that harassment isn’t cool and that no one should need FBI protection from “an army of internet trolls.” Previously, even mentioning GamerGate in anything other than a repulsed or disgusted attitude resulted in bans or threads being closed.

How do you feel about GamerGate, over three years since its beginnings in August of 2014? Should the topics commonly discussed in that movement be openly debated? Sound off in the comments below!

Brandon Orselli


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