Former NeoGAF Staff and Users Launch New Forum, ResetEra

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Following the sexual assault claims against NeoGAF owner Tyler Malka, the website has seen an exodus of both large numbers of users and its entire moderation staff. Now, a handful of those staff and community members have launched their own forum, titled simply ResetEra.

The site launched today with limited numbers of applications being approved, mostly due to the substantial load on their server and user account process. The site mimics NeoGAF in that it has a gaming forum and an off-topic forum separated, and former NeoGAF members are getting precedence through the user approval process.

The forum has a number of rules already which are publicly available, including one that specifically prohibits any talk about NeoGAF. The forum’s staff includes key NeoGAF personalities like Nibelshinobi602, and ZhugeEX.

While the forum has moderation policies similar to NeoGAF, if you’re looking for a more open and moderation-free (mostly) forum, make sure to check out our own forums here!

Brandon Orselli


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