Miyamoto Wants “Every Single Person” to Buy a Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced a new marketing strategy focused on their flagship console, the Nintendo Switch.

The new plans were revealed in their latest Q&A with investors, where Nintendo veteran and legend Shigeru Miyamoto said that he wants “every single person” to buy the console, instead of the age-old goal of one system per household.

“The marketing strategy going forward is to instill a desire to purchase Nintendo Switch among a wide consumer base in all regions of Japan, the US, and Europe,” Miyamoto said. “Our ultimate ambition is for a Nintendo Switch to be owned not just by every family, but by every single person.” Quite a bold goal for the company.

Miyamoto went on to say the key factor that makes the Switch so appealing is its hybrid nature.

“If consumers come to take it for granted that everybody has a Nintendo Switch, then we can create new and very Nintendo genres of play, and Nintendo Switch can have a life apart from smart devices and other video game systems,” he explained.

Nintendo managing executive director Shinya Takahashi chimed in with his thoughts on the allure of the Switch.

“The question going forward is how to convey the allure of Nintendo Switch to a wider range of age groups, regardless of gender. We introduced Nintendo Labo the other day as one way of addressing that issue.”

As of December 31st of last year the Switch has sold over 14.86 million units Рoutselling its predecessor the Wii U in merely ten months. The Nintendo Switch is now available worldwide, for $299.

Brandon Orselli


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