New Obsidian RPG Coming via Original Fallout Creators Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky

Following the news that Take-Two was establishing a new publishing label, some details for that new Obsidian Entertainment-developed RPG (which falls under their new publisher) were also teased via Game Informer.

It’s being led by original Fallout creators Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, and its set in a new universe.

“It was the opportunity to work with Tim on a new IP that we were creating from scratch again, because we did it on Fallout and Arcanum and those were great experiences and I just missed doing that,” Boyarsky said. “I missed working on single-player, in-depth RPGs with a lot of choice, consequence, and reactivity. I like making other types of games, but there is something special about the kind of games we started with Fallout that really appeals to us and speaks to us creatively.”

The pair is planning on revealing more for their new game at a later time, however Cain says “If people have liked our previous RPGs they’re going to like this one in terms of how we make reactive worlds and especially our style of humor.”

What’s interesting is that despite Take-Two publishing the game, Obsidian will retain the intellectual property rights for their new game.

“I think it has all the strengths of the traditional publisher relationship but because we get to retain ownership of the IP, it’s one of the things where I don’t think we’re worried about our goals aligning with the publisher goals,” says Cain. “We both want to see the IP be very successful because we are both vested in it.”

What kind of new RPG would you like to see from original staff that worked on the Fallout series? Sound off in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: Featured art via cryinghorn

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