Sony Boss: Our Studios are Devoted to Story Driven Games, Never Games as a Service

In the opening segments for this year’s PlayStation Experience, SIEA President and CEO Shawn Layden shot down the notion that Sony would pursue games as a service, in light of the ongoing micro-transaction and lootbox debacle.

Layden said that Sony’s internal game studios have a lot of “devotion and love” for storytelling and the like, what most people associate with “single player games.” He noted that Sony tends to put out that kind of game, as its “the thing they do well.”

When further pressed on the matter, Layden said that he would never go to one of his teams and say “I read in a magazine there is something called Games as a Service, make me one of those.”

Guerrilla Games Managing Director Hermen Hulst was on the panel as well, noting that Horizon Zero Dawn is their most selling game, and it’s the first single-player only game they’ve made in a long time (Editor’s Note: They made Killzone games for awhile, which always have multiplayer).

In related news, Sony’s next big single-player game, God of War, is roughly 25-30 hours long. It’s launching sometime early next year.

Brandon Orselli


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