New Tomb Raider Reveal Coming in 2018, Release Set Soon Afterwards

Square Enix has announced a new Tomb Raider game in a pretty mundane way, with almost no information whatsoever.

The news comes via the series official Twitter account:

Square Enix is excited to share some big news with you next year. Honestly, we wish we could share it with you right now, but we’re taking a new approach this time.

A new Tomb Raider game is coming.

Driven by our goal of putting our fans first, we want you to know that it won’t be very long between the official reveal and when you can play.

Our journey together will begin with a major event in 2018. We simply can’t wait to take you on Lara Croft’s defining adventure.

The latest game in the series, Rise of the Tomb Raider (pictured), launched for Xbox 360 and Xbox One in November of 2015 only to get a PC and PlayStation 4 release last year.

Brandon Orselli


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