Demon’s Souls Servers Getting Shut Down Worldwide on February 28, 2018

From Software’s original Souls title, Demon’s Souls, is getting its online component shut down next February.

The game’s online servers will be shut down February 28th, worldwide. The news comes via each respective publisher, Sony Interactive Entertainment in Japan, Atlus for North America, and Bandai Namco for Europe.

Demon’s Souls was originally released for the PlayStation 3 back in February of 2009, while the game’s American release came later that year. Europeans didn’t see the game until the following year.

While the game never received a direct sequel, several spiritual successors (Dark Souls, Bloodborne) and knock-offs have come along since then in what some people consider an entirely new genre (hint: it isn’t).

Are you a fan of the Souls games, or specifically Demon’s Souls? Sound off in the comments below with your memories for the game/series!

Brandon Orselli


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