GameStop Announces New “PowerPass” Rental Program

GameStop has announced a new rental program to fill the void left by outlets like Blockbuster or Redbox.

The new rental program actually comes in the form of a subscription, and it’s called PowerPass, a nod to their “Power to the Players” marketing blurb. A launch is set for sometime this holiday, and it’ll cost you $60 every six months. Sign-ups for the program are launching on November 19th.

While enrolled in the subscription, you can play as many pre-owned games as you like, however you can only have one game checked out at a time. At the end of your subscription, you can keep any game you like, provided it’s used.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that PowerPass is directly linked to a PowerUp Rewards account (which is free), however if you purchase it as a gift for someone they’ll still have to enroll with a Rewards account.

Digital gaming subscriptions for rental alternatives have arisen since the death knell of Blockbuster (and most brick-and-mortar game stores), like Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service. Do you rent games still? If so, what’s your preferred format, and platform? Sound off in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: Image source – Thomson Reuters

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