Global Version for Record of Lodoss War Online Now Available

Record of Lodoss War Online, the Korean-developed MMORPG based on the popular and classic high-fantasy Record of Lodoss War series, has finally gotten an English and worldwide release.

Despite being announced back in 2013 and sort of being quietly stuck in development hell, the game finally saw an Asian launch last year. Now, Korean games platform Game & Game has launched the game via its official website.

You can get the standalone game via the website, as well as via JC Planet and WarpPortal.

It’s worth mentioning the game is entirely free-to-play, and takes place within the Grey Witch arc of the manga. Main characters from the series like Parn, Deedlit, etc are not playable but do appear as NPCs – you play as a created character instead.

Alongside the global launch is a new update for the game which adds the new Shaman character, as well as new summer outfits.

There’s a few special events happening for the new global launch, including: a leveling reward event until October 4th, earning you new gear at level 10 and every 5 levels afterwards; an attendance reward event.

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