Dragon Quest Heroes II on Nintendo Switch has Severe Frame-Rate Issues

Square Enix’s port of Dragon Quest Heroes II on the Nintendo Switch doesn’t seem to be faring well, as reports are stating it runs at a fraction of the PS4’s locked 60fps gameplay.

According to a report by Eurogamer, the Switch port is based off the last-gen PS3 version, rather than the seemingly closer PS4 version.

Not only does this mean the Switch version runs at a max 30fps instead of 60, the port also seems to run even worse, with combat making the game dip into the mid teens while docked, and possibly even into the single digits in handheld mode.

While the Switch is nowhere near as powerful as the PlayStation 4, Eurogamer also points out that this is most likely because of some poor optimization for a Japanese launch title.

Dragon Quest Heroes II for PS4 and PC launches in the west April 25th for PC and PlayStation 4. A western release for the Nintendo Switch version isn’t confirmed yet.

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