Rumor: GameStop Leak Shows Planned Nintendo Switch Games

In a post on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, an image has surfaced showing the games Gamestop Germany currently has in their system for the Nintendo Switch. You can see the image below.

While the list includes games previously announced and shown in the console’s reveal trailer, some games come with some surprise. For example, the first game listed is Dragon Quest X. While the MMO has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch, the game has been Japan only since its release.

Does this mean a western release is on the way? Along with this listing are two Sonic listings (one the previously announced Sonic 2017, the other most likely Sonic Mania), five placeholders, Monster Hunter, and Dragon Quest XI.

While the dates and prices shown may be placeholders, we’ll see if this rumor holds any water Thursday night during Nintendo’s official press conference for the system.

Matthew Sigler


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