Nintendo Patents New Handheld That Vibrates

nintendo wii u 07-10-16-1

Nintendo, like most big corporations, is always filing patents for things. Now, a new patent for what could potentially be related to their code-named NX console has surfaced, via GameSpot.

The new patent is for a handheld device whose key features are both vibration and speaker functionality.

The patent was filed in Japan back in 2014, in the United States later last year, and only recently now been revealed publicly.

nx console 07-10-16-1

While the patent is rife with technical jargon (as they should be), the handheld seems to be focused on creating surround sound via the position of both the speakers and the vibrator.

You could liken this to some headphone technology that replicates surround sound – see one of the provided mock-ups for the handheld featured above.

The Nintendo NX is set for a release sometime early next year, however the company has been mum on revealing further details – because they’re blatantly avoiding copycats.

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