Fans Have Already Modded Juri’s Exposed Cleavage Back Into Street Fighter V

street fighter v 07-03-16-1

Fans weren’t exactly happy to see Juri’s default outfit in Street Fighter V, considering her original appearance in the game showed a bold, unzipped suit that gave ample room for her .. assets to properly be seen.

Now that she has been added into the game, a black suit of sorts was added to cover up this cleavage, leading to many fans claiming Capcom has indeed censored the game yet again.

Regardless of the reasoning behind Capcom’s decision to cover up Juri’s bursting bosom, modder¬†BrutalAce¬†has already restored what her original costume would look like, for the PC version.

You can view a video of Juri in her exposed costume, below:

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Brandon Orselli


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