Toukiden 2 PS Vita Demo Hits Japan on May 24th With Cross-Platform Play

toukiden 2 5-13-2016 - 1

Koei Tecmo has announced that the Vita version of Toukiden 2 will be seeing it’s demo release in Japan come May 24th – less than two weeks away.

Furthermore, it was announced that as soon as it’s live, players will be able to connect with their PS4 brethren through cross-platform multiplayer support for the title.

As it stands, the PS4 version is already getting fixes and updates, and it’s likely this constant updating and fixing will continue alongside the two platform release. Additionally, digital versions of the game have been confirmed to receive Sanada Yukimura as a Mitama bonus with their purchase.

Toukiden 2 is set for a Japanese release on PS4, Vita, and PS3 on June 30th. We’re still waiting on any news of a Western release.

Chris Gregoria


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