Bandai Namco Wants to Know if You Want Tekken 7 on PC

tekken 7 03-23-16-1

Bandai Namco Europe has been circulating a survey with some typical questions – however one in particular has our attention.

The publisher is gauging interest in a PC version of their latest fighter, Tekken 7. While the game has been available in Japanese arcades, it has still yet to make a home console or western release (which is planned for sometime in the future).

If Bandai Namco releases Tekken 7 on PC, it would be the first mainline entry in the series to see a PC release (Street Fighter X Tekken is a spin-off).

This makes sense considering the publisher has been wildly embracing the PC market lately, even with their latest flagship RPG, Tales of Berseria, which is getting a simultaneous PC and PlayStation 4 release.

The series’ main competitor, Street Fighter, also has its latest game (Street Fighter V) on both PC and PlayStation 4.

Brandon Orselli


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