Final Fantasy XIV Gets Festive With New Holiday-Themed Optional Items

FFXIV 12-1-2015 - 5

With the Holiday season well upon us, most of the MMOs out there are getting festive, and Final Fantasy XIV is no exception.

Sticking true to the Holiday, the Mog Station has added a few new items for people to buy – check them out below.

First we have two new Magitek Armor mounts in differing colors: The White Devil and the Red Baron.

FFXIV 12-1-2015 - 1  FFXIV 12-1-2015 - 2

Next, the Starlight Attire is making it’s appearance on the Mog Station, complete with the¬†Starlight Sugarloaf Hat, Starlight Tunic, Starlight Tights, and the Starlight Boots.

FFXIV 12-1-2015 - 3

The new ‘False Mustache’ is also purchasable.

FFXIV 12-1-2015 - 6

And lastly is a new snowman minion named Hoary the Snowman.

FFXIV 12-1-2015 - 4

The new items are already up and live on the Mog Station, so go get ’em!

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