Get an In-Engine Look at Harebrained Schemes’ BattleTech Reboot

Harebrained Schemes have shared an in-engine look at their upcoming BattleTech reboot.

Featured above, the brief yet in-engine look at the game provides an idea of what developer Harebrained Schemes are going after with the tactical RPG.

The Kickstarter campaign for the game is currently sitting at roughly $2,176,000, which means the game is getting a full single-player campaign, as well as the following stretch-goals:

  • $1,100,000 – Cinematic Transitions: We’ll add short cutscenes for various events in game – such as deploying your forces to the battlefield – and for key moments in the single-player story.
  • $1,200,000 – Player-Character Origin Stories: In BATTLETECH, you’ll create your own mercenary character to star in the story. If we hit this funding level, you’ll be able to choose one of six origin stories for your mercenary commander’s career. Are you the only heir of a once noble family that has since fallen from favor? The bastard child of a famous MechWarrior? You decide.
  • $1,350,000 – Voice Acting: We’ll record a cast of talented voice actors to act as your advisers, provide mission briefings, and record battlefield emotes. We’ll also add voice acting to the animatics for important moments in the story.
  • $1,550,000: 3D MechWarrior Portrait Customization: We’ll build a complete 3D portrait customization system for you to customize the look of both your MechWarriors and your own Mercenary commander.

The last remaining stretch goal for BattleTech is at the $2,500,000 milestone, which unlocks a complete multiplayer PVP component.

If you want to fund BattleTech, you should head on over to their Kickstarter.

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