The Grand Tournament Expansion is Announced for Hearthstone

Last night, Blizzard announced a massive expansion for their trading card battling game, Hearthstone.

Dubbed simply “The Grand Tournament,” players can expect the new content to drop some time next month, and there are the regular pricing options: in-game gold, or real money for each of the variants. The new expansion, for those fans who are familiar, is set in the iconic tournament which takes place in the frozen continent of Northrend.

A single pack will set you back 100 gold, while two packs are $3 of real world money. The most expensive will set you back $50 for 40 packs of cards. You can even pre-purchase a 50 set for $50, which unlock on launch day. In total, fans can expect 132 cards in the next expansion, a new board, and a new keyword.

Editor’s Note: We have decided to start covering Hearthstone moving forward, as we’re looking to expand our coverage of trading card games.

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