Manga Gamer Announces Partnership with Alice Soft, Beat Blades Haruka Coming West

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Manga Gamer has announced a new localizing partnership that is sure to make lots of fans happy – they’re going to be translating and distributing Alice Soft’s Beat Blades Haruka.

The game is one of the more recent games from the publisher known for the more gameplay-focused eroges like Rance and Toushin Toshi. Alice Soft’s Beat Blades Haruka is the successor to Beat Angel Escalayer. The game has RPG elements, like the countdown timer (99 days) in which you have to stop enemy ninjas from invading your town, and completing their mission, within three daily phases.

During the first two daily phases you can choose different actions (including lots of sexual acts) to improve Haruka’s stats, so that she can overcome her enemies that night. In the third daily phase, you’ll battle enemy ninjas at night, and even attack their headquarters. Should you fail, however, she can be ravished by her enemies, with over 80 H-scenes and a wide variety to each (including voice acting).

A release date wasn’t given, but we’ll keep you guys posted.

(Editor’s note: While this article isn’t age-gated, the game itself contains pornographic material, and future posts may be age-gated)

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