New Shenmue III Stretch Goals are Revealed

shenmue iii 06-17-15-1

The Shenmue III Kickstarter has surpassed all of its original stretch goals, following its $2 million goal being funded within only nine hours. Now, we’ve learned of some new stretch goals.

The following stretch goals have been revealed:

  • $3.20 million – Rapport System – “Will add a depth of story, interactivity and character development that only Yu Suzuki can bring.”
  • $3.50 million – Skill Tree System – “Will give Ryo a new way to level up and specialize his fighting move set.”
  • $4.00 million – Baisha Village Expanded, Mini-Games x5
  • $4.20 million – Baisha Village Expanded, Infiltration Mission
  • $4.40 million – Baisha Village Expanded, Additional Quest
  • $4.60 million – Baisha Village Expanded, Battle Event
  • $5.00 million – Baisha Village Expanded, Character Perspective System – “Will really let you explore the world of Shenmue through the different character personalities.”

You can find the Shenmue III Kickstarter here.

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