New Video For The Witcher 3 Claims It Has 36 Endings

New videos showing footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are getting so common now that you could probably air them all back to back and have enough programming to fill up a regular television station’s 24-hour cycle. Regardless, another one has been posted, this time to Xbox 1’s Youtube channel. Though it’s Xbox branded, the video doesn’t talk about anything exclusive to the platform, but rather, how large the world is and what the developer’s artistic inspirations were.

There is a smattering of new footage crammed in the relatively short video, but what really stuck out was the comment mentioning the game will have 36 different endings. How they’ll manage that remains to be seen, but I’m sure it won’t involve multiple color laser beams.

Carl Batchelor


Carl is both a JRPG fan and a CRPG'er who especially loves European PC games. Even with more than three decades of gaming under his belt, he feels the best of the hobby is yet to come.