Cops Catch Final Fantasy-Loving Dumpster Divers Raiding GameStop Trash

GameStop, as well as many other retailers, are infamous for throwing out lots of product that can’t be sold or returned to the manufacturer. There have been legends of gaming enthusiasts raiding dumpsters for lost or overlooked treasures, and YouTubers DEE davE (via NeoGAF) recorded their recent adventure.

Featured above, you can view them rummaging through the various trash their local GameStop had thrown out – like a few Mortal Kombat posters, although they mentioned finding a Final Fantasy cardboard standee in a previous search.

Around the 3:30 mark, the local police show up. Here comes the most interesting part-when one of the Youtubers asks the cops “Is this illegal, to look through dumpsters?,” to which the cop replies “Not really.” The cops simply tell them to put the trash back afterwards, and leave. The divers end up searching another dumpster, only to find an old Beatles vinyl.

Have you ever dumpster dived? Do you think it’s worth the shame to look for that potential game find?

Brandon Orselli


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